Day 321 (21th July) – Arusha to Nairobi, Kenya

30 07 2011

Number 24 out of 24…

Today saw us cross the border into Kenya and the last country on our round the world trip. Unsurprisingly Southern Kenya looks a lot like Northern Tanzania, from the truck very little looks like it has changed. However, demographically things are a little different. Tanzania is home to a bewildering 120 ethnic groups and a one third Islamic population. In contrast the once colonised Kenya has an 80% Christian population of which 70% are under the age of thirty. Kenya relies on the tourist industry for over half of its GDP; whereas Tanzania relies on its agricultural industry for similar revenues. One thing that is clear from travelling through East Africa is whereas in Southern Africa many of the big business were White European owned; here they seem to be Indian owned.

We got into a hectic Nairobi shortly after lunchtime and checked into a well earned and well appreciated hotel… with a bed and everything! The various places we have stayed in on our journey across Africa have ranged from beach fronted cabins to bush campsites with hole and a spade for a toilet; so amazing to appalling. It was nice to rejoin civilisation.

Well I say civilisation – of all the cities we have passed through, Nairobi carries the most resemblance to Lagos. Nairobi still has some way to come to rival Lagos for grime, robberies, incidents and traffic or as I like to call it, G.R.I.T. But for a city one third the size of Lagos it does well – not many cities can boast such an accolade.

To mark the end of a great trip across Southern and Eastern Africa we went out for dinner at the famous Carnivore restaurant – once boating as much game meat as you can eat. Now unfortunately due to poaching in the north of the country can only offer your standard meats, plus crocodile and ostrich. But, still all you can eat.. um um um…




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