Day 320 (20th July) – Arusha

25 07 2011

The place we are staying at is actually 25km out of town and as there was pretty much nothing to do Jen and I headed into town in a matatu, a local minibus taxi service. It’s actually a very quick and efficient service however, insanely cramped; with anything up to 25 people in a 14 seat minibus. I don’t think I’ve ever folded my legs so tight or inspected my knees as closely as I did on the back seat of that matatu. Kind of like what the underground will be in a few years. A really fun experience, but glad we don’t have to do it every day.

We also regrettably went on a terrible Masai village walk. The Masai are nomadic tribal people, moving around northern Tanzania and Kenya. They are polygamous, with some men having more than 10 wives. Each family unit have their own cows and goats and they move depending on the availability of good land for grazing their livestock. In addition to eating their cattle for meat, they also

Example of pre circumcision males

drink the blood from the cow. They wear different colour clothing based on the stages of their life. The children wear a plain red colour. Pre-circumcised adolescent males wear black, and post-circumcised adults and elderly men wear different types of red check.  The walk was incredibly touristy and our guide was useless, not really telling us much we didn’t already know. To be honest we were just keen to get out of Arusha and head to Nairobi.




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