Day 316 (16th July) – Arusha

25 07 2011

Where Moshi was a jumping off point for Mt. Kilimanjaro, Arusha is a jumping off point for the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Unfortunately Arusha town is not that interesting and the campsite we are staying at is beyond basic. We struggled to fill up the day with a trip to the towns cultural centre, masai museum and venomous snake centre. Here we came face to face with Africa’s most dangerous snakes; black mamba, puff adder, carpet viper and more. We even got the chance to hold a non-venomous sand snake, something Jen failed to enjoy for a full five seconds.


We found a very good way to pass the time was in the bar playing darts and killer was the game of choice. We soon found out that Jen was a natural darts player, knocking us all out and going on to win the match. I am pleased to report Jen is going to maintain her amateur status, choosing not to grow a mullet, get a tattoo or wear gold sovereigns.








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