Day 315 (15th July) – Dar Es Salaam to Moshi

25 07 2011

It was easy to forget we were on holiday this morning – today started at 4am, beating the 5am rush hour traffic out of Dar Es Salaam! We did our best to get a couple of hours kip before the sun came up, however the Tanzanian roads are littered with huge and frequent speed bumps making for a frustratingly bumpy morning.

Our journey to Moshi took most of the day and saw us finally tire of the truck and the Tanzanian countryside. As we drew closer to Moshi the landscape grew progressively more interesting and mountainous; and with mountains came the cloud. Those lovely clear blue skies have gone and what we now have is an almost completely overcast sky. Fortunately one of the few windows to the heavens gave us our first, but partial view of the giant Mount Kilimanjaro. The world’s largest free standing mountain and Africa’s largest at 5,896m it was a mighty impressive sight even from 40km away. It was about then I really wished I was climbing Kili…

Here is what it should look like...




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