Day 312 to 314 (12th – 14th July) – Nungwe Beach

16 07 2011

The white sands and turquoise waters of Zanzibar are lovely…

Before heading north to the beaches we went on a guided walk of the old town learning a bit about the history of the city, its architecture and visiting the sight of the last official slave market in the world, now an Anglican church.

Now in the north of the island it’s great to be back swimming in the lovely warm Indian Ocean. Zanzibar is an island of idyllic sandy palm fringed beaches and we have found a nice family run beach fronted hotel for another of those holidays from a holiday.

The return sea crossing back to Dar Es Salaam was a choppy affair, a real chunder-fest. Over half of our fellow passengers were throwing up into little black bags, which were promptly collected by cleaners and any spillage or misdirected spray was quickly wiped up. The guy sitting next to Jen was sick on his feet; he was wearing flip flops. I was very surprised the room didn’t stink of puke, however we were later told it did. I guess the offensive odour of vomit must have slowly built in the cabin at an undetectable rate. Regardless of the smell we were sat in the middle of a room where over half the people were being violently sick for two and a half hours – the vast majority of these being locals. The sounds coming from some people were a little disturbing.





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