Day 309 & 310 (9th 10th July) – Chitumba – Iringa – Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

15 07 2011

We are back on the road for possibly the low point of the overland trip – two solid days of driving 1,200km across Tanzania. We crossed the border into Tanzania and are gunning for the stunning island of Zanzibar. There has been plenty to gaze at from the truck; for one it is abundantly clear Tanzania is a far wealthier than Malawi.

The vegetation has turned greener still, now a deep tropical green. Banana plantations are wide spread – so to is a plethora of other fruits and crops; rice, maize, oranges, coconuts, tea. Individual self sufficient small holdings have made way for larger more mechanised operations. Adobe and thatch has been replaced by uglier brick and corrugated steel – so not everything is good.

We had an overnight stop in Iringa. Being at an elevation of 1,550 metres things got briefly chilly again. But as soon as that sun came up we were back in shorts and t-shirts again. Our arrival into Dar Es Salaam was greatly appreciated – for a city of only 2.5 million it was mighty hectic; Bumper to bumper traffic, heat, fumes, street vendors and markets all operating in far too small an area.

Anyway, we made it and we were staying in a lovely place on the beach on the outskirts of town. When we asked the bar man if we should take heed of the sign saying ‘Warning: inside camp = safe, outside camp = not safe’, he told us if you walk left down the beach you should be ok, but if you walk right down the beach ‘you will get mugged’. We chose not to go for that walk, but I’m sure we would have been fine.




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