Day 308 (8th July) – Chitumba

15 07 2011

Our last day on the ever so lovely shores of Lake Malawi passed by in a sweaty mess of sand, beer and perspiration; we were involved in a marathon beach volleyball match. When our calves could take no more jumping and diving in the sand Jen and I went on a run through the local village again meeting hoards of kids who took great amusement in running along side us screaming, shouting, waving and giggling.

After all that exercise that first (of many) Kilimanjaro beer(s) tasted too good sat out in a hammock on the beach enjoying the last views of Lake Malawi before the sun set and the sky drew dark.

I make the campsite we are staying sound lovely, and it was if not for the shower block. It is as though someone was given a modest sum of money to make improvements in the campsite and chose to spend all of the money in the bar. There are lovely seats and hammocks, a big flat screen telly, charging points, laptops for the internet and wifi. However, the guy in charge of improvements spent nothing when it came to the toilets and showers. For one there were only four toilets and showers for 100+ guests. More importantly the showers more closely resembled small shallow concrete pits more appropriately used for the slaughtering of livestock than for human bathing. The single tap that dispensed a pitiful dribble of luke warm water was a nice touch and the faint whiff of drains made for an altogether pleasant experience.

Lake Malawi is so vast it can easily be mistaken for an ocean. Boasting a stunning white sand shoreline that is void of those hit and miss modern architecture houses. Just small rustic dwellings – adobe and thatch homes blend into the surrounding countryside inoffensively. Whole villages can be passed totally unaware, almost perfectly camouflaged amongst the vegetation thanks to their natural building materials.




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