Day 299 & 300 (30th June -1st July) – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

5 07 2011

We took a taxi to the border and crossed quickly and smoothly; explaining to the immigration officer that Scotland does not have its own passport and that Jen would have to unfortunately pay the inflated visa prices for having a British passport. We then made the short walk into town. While being smaller and quieter than it’s counterpart across the border, the townVictoria Falls had more character and sole, plus the stunningVictoria Falls hotel.

We were crossing the border to see Zimbabwe for a couple of days and do what we couldn’t do in Zambia, a night game drive. The game drive was in the Victoria Falls private game park and boasted the ‘big five’ in a modest sized park. So we had high hopes for this one. The problem with going into a safari with high hopes is that they can be so easily crushed. We were spotting wildlife like elephants, zebra, antelope, rhino, and buffalo in the afternoon light. However, once it got dark and the real night safari started we saw very little.

Our guide will swear blind that he saw a leopard, but the rest of us just saw a bush. I myself was a little disappointed we didn’t get to see any hyena which predominantly make an appearance at night to hunt, scavenge and generally cause mischief. Our warthog dinner around the bush fire rounded of an interesting trip.


The following day we had a last look around town before making our way to the Zimbabwean side of the falls. I would have to say this was hands down the better side from which to get a view of Victoria Falls. Boasting two to three times more of the falls then the Zambian side, it is possible to appreciate just how much water is cascading over the side off the shelf of igneous rock.




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