Day 297 & 298 (28th -29th June) – Livingstone, Zambia

5 07 2011

Livingstone town is named after the missionary and later great explorer Sir David Livingstone who found Victoria Falls and named them after his Queen, Queen Victoria. Well I say he found the falls; they were always well known to locals and called Mosi-Oa-Tunya. The town, unlike its name sake is small, ugly and uninteresting; really not much of a town to write home about so we won’t. Livingstone only seems to exist to serve the booming tourist industry that revolves around the falls and the extreme sports on offer.

So when everyone was jumping out of planes or off bridges Jen and I thought we would take it to the next level and… cross the border into Zimbabwe… and it was very nice.





Before doing so I went white water rafting down the Zambezi River and Jen and I went to see the Zambian side of Victoria Falls.Victoria Falls might not be the tallest, widest or most beautiful falls in the world, but it is the largest continuous falling sheet of water in the world, falling for 107 metres and several hundred metres wide. A fact that is very evident as the river is running at high water at the moment. Furthermore, because the falls are viewed from viewing platforms about 50 metres away from the falling water you gain a true appreciation of the power of this falling sheet of water, plus you get very very very wet! Monsoon sized rain drops pelt you from above while strong rain is driven up from the waterfall below; and if you take just a few steps back away from the platform edge, brilliant blue skies and sunshine again.




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