Day 292 (23rd June) – Ghanzi to Maun

1 07 2011

This morning we were taken out on a bush walk with some traditional bushmen, otherwise known as the San people. The San are an extremely marginalised group of people struggling to hold on to their traditional way of life. We were shown the wealth of medicines the desert scrub can offer to a knowledgeable individual. An interesting bush walk concluded with a fire starting demonstration; where a small fire was started using only sticks and straw.

It wasn’t a long drive on to Maun, an uninspiring town with a bizarrely large donkey population that roam the streets freely like dogs. Thankfully our camp site was well out of town, moreover Jen and I were very grateful we were staying in cabins as the night time temperature was just about freezing. Maun is our gateway to the stunning Okavango Delta. I always thought a delta formed where a river met the sea, however I thinks the prefix ‘inland’ solves this problem.

It has been great to drive through a surprisingly clean and litter free South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. The locals clearly have a lot of love and pride for their country.




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