Day 290 (21st June) – Etosha to Windhoek

1 07 2011

On our drive out of Etosha National Park we were fortunate to see two more lions basking in the morning sun. We thought we were on for our first lion kill when a group of very dumb guinea fowl came wandering by. Guinea fowl are about the size of chickens but have the ability to fly short distances, however choose to spend most of their time wandering about in groups of about a dozen oblivious to any of the dangers around them. Anyway this group of guinea fowl walked within 20 metres of these lions. The two lions took up their hunting stance, but for some reason chose not to stalk the guinea fowl and let them pass freely. I for one was very disappointed.

We were bound for Windhoek, the smallest capital of a proper sized country we had visited – just 250,000 residents. Not a great deal to see – several really nice colonial buildings, churches and a nice parliament building. In my opinion Windhoek boasts a fantastic restaurant that eclipses any tourist sight – specialising in wonderful, tender, juicy, succulent game meat. Kudu, Oryx, Zebra, Ostrich and Springbok all on one plate and cooked to perfection – mmm…




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