Day 288-289 (19th & 20th June) – Etosha National Park

27 06 2011

We have been having such a great time on our overland journey we almost forgot about the main reason for the trip; to go on a few safaris. Now nine days into our trip, we were very excited to be on the cusp of our first safari in Etosha National Park. Etosha is a vast reserve of over 20,000 square kilometres, surrounding a central salt pan which is currently water filled to its highest level in years. We camped near to a floodlit waterhole which was a great spot for observing the night visitors – rhino, elephant, & giraffe to name but a few. There were also many jackal frequenting our campsite. The highlight of our game drive was most definitely seeing a pride of 13 lions drinking, resting and playing by one of the National parks many waterholes. However, the rhinos that spent a half hour play fighting 30 meters from us was a close second. There was so much to see and all in their natural environment over three superb game drives.

No one ever tells you that you’ll see so many animal arses when you go on safari. You see as you approach some animals they have a tendency to turn away, elephants have a propensity for this and we have seen many an elephants dirty behind. Jen has been on many safaris, however this was my first and it was an unbelievable, unique and addictive experience. You never know what is going to appear over the hill or from behind the bush which keeps you out there scanning the horizon with your binoculars for the next sighting of one of the ‘big five’.




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