Day 286 – 287 (16th to 17th June) – Swakopmund

27 06 2011

Continuing our journey north across this wonderful and underappreciated continent we soon crossed the tropic of Capricorn and on to Swakopmund. Swakopmund is our base for a couple of days and chance to sleep in one of those lovely things called a bed. A couple more days out in the bush and I think Jen would have gone feral!

Swakopmund is a rapidly expanding coastal holiday town specialising in extreme sports like sky diving, sand boarding, quad biking and many more. Jen and I went for a couple of hour’s quad biking in the sand dunes and took a township tour. This involved a short walk through a township and then a series of house visits to visit a few of the locals. As it was just the two of us we could ask anything and everything, and we gained a very interesting insight into life inNamibiaunder the German and South African rule and after independence. After a drink in one of the local township bars we had the joy of experiencing a traditional Namibian dinner. We ate mopane worms which were ‘interesting’. They are not really worms, but caterpillars and they make their home on the mopane trees of southernAfrica. These protein-rich critters are boiled then dried in the sun before being eaten – delightful! Needless to say we still made it to the group dinner we were having that evening, and had no difficulties polishing off our main courses of Springbok and Kudo.

On the quad-biking trip we travelled approximately 60km through the desert sand dunes, admiring the almost surreal surroundings and trying not to crash into one of our group members Joe who thought he was Michel Schumacher and kept trying to overtake us all in dangerous places.




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