Day 283 (13th June) – Orange River to Fish River Canyon, Namibia

21 06 2011

We crossed the border into Namibia this morning – a country we knew very little about until today. A very young country, formerly a German colony, it later became the sixth province of South Africa during the Apartheid years, gaining independence from South Africa in 1990. After Mongolia, Namibia is the second least densely populated country in the world.  This would probably be due to most of it being very dry and barren, however they have just had several year’s rain in 1 month for the past 3 months so it’s actually greener than it normally is, but this is still mostly brown.

Our first stop in Namibia was at a hot spring set at the foot of small mountains in a remote valley.  After much splashing about and a spot of lunch we were back on the road which had now turned into dirt roads so a little bumpy in places but generally good.

Our first night in Namibia was slap bang in the middle of nowhere. It’s hard to convey just how quiet and remote Namibia can get. So with our tents set up in the back and beyond of the middle of nowhere we headed out to Fish River Canyon for sunset. Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world after The Grand Canyon, ignoring the Colca Canyon in Peru.

It has to be that said without a doubt Africa is the most beautiful continent in the world at sunrise and sunset. We have been gifted with some mind blowing sights and colours at sunrise and sunset on this continent and today was no exception. From the top of the canyon we had great views of the valley below and this is where we set up for another wonderful a la carte meal under the African sky.




2 responses

24 06 2011

Amazing pics, what beautiful colours! Sounds like you’ve had a fantastic time in Africa so far. Enjoy the rest of the trip! Love from NYC

28 07 2011

Thanks Roads, it all went really well!

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