Day 281 (11th June) – Cape Town to Cederberg Region

21 06 2011

The overland trip begins…

After 9 months we have become hardened backpackers, or at least used to living out of a backpack. However, a week staying with Ronnie and Alexis and we were soft again…

We joined the overland truck in Malmesbury at midday and from here made our way north to the Cederburg Region. We set up camp on a lovely vineyard surrounded by vines, beautiful countryside and the Cederburg Mountains in the distance. As we were in a vineyard we naturally went wine-tasting. Our tasting guide was more interested in the provincial rugby match, so it was a bit of a self guided wine tasting, which meant generous measures all round!

After filling up our hot water bottles, crawling into our minus three degrees sleeping bags on top of two comfy role mats we quickly drifted off……only to wake up a couple of hours later roasting hot, having to eject our hot water bottles and unzip our sleeping bags.




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