Day 241 – 242 (2nd & 3rd May) – Kuala Lumpur

21 05 2011

It almost feels like we have returned to some kind of normality or at least more familiar territory. Being an old British colony it has those familiar British cues. On our journey into town from the airport, the taxi driver didn’t even feel the need to use the horn once or run a red or any of the other traffic infringements that were common practice in China. Kuala Lumpur doesn’t really offer a whole host of exciting touristy things to do so we only spent two days in town.

The first day was spent walking around town visiting various interesting old colonial buildings, squares and markets; going up the KL Tower to get a stunning view of the city and the Petronas Towers, riding the KL monorail and generally sweating loads in the heat and humidity. Our second day wasn’t as exciting. We have calculated that unfortunately we will run out of pages in our passports when we get to South Africa, so with the help of the very nice chaps in the Kuala Lumpur and Pretoria High Commissions, we spent the morning putting in an application for new passports.

In the afternoon we jumped on a bus bound for Mersing.




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