Day 235 – 236 (26th & 27th April) – Xian

21 05 2011

I swear I’ve heard about ten different pronunciations of this city, but I have also noticed a definite dialect change. People sound different – still can’t understand a bloody word. No matter how you pronounce it, Xian and its Terracotta Warriors have been the highlight of China for Jen. If you could put the 60,000 odd daily visitors out of your mind for a minute it was a very special place. The problem is I couldn’t. I swear I’m developing Agoraphobia. In many countries tourist numbers are limited to prevent overcrowding, damage to the site and to improve your enjoyment of the site. In China it’s the more the merrier.

Anyway, the Terracotta Warriors – there are supposed to be 6000 of the fellas. A few hundred are intact and lined up in rows for the classic photo, a few hundred more smashed into thousands of tiny little pieces while the majority are still buried in various states. Janeen you’re partial to the occasional jigsaw why don’t you have a go at the painstaking processes of reconstructing some of the Terracotta Warriors?

As well as the Terracotta Warriors we also visited the large Xian city walls. It was used to successfully protect the city and its one million inhabitants from marauding Mongolian forces during the 7th century.

Our second day saw us walk the streets of Xian and its very nice old town, visiting the Muslim Quarter and many of the sights any decent guide book would tell you to go and see.




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