Day 227-229 (18th-20th April) – Shanghai

9 05 2011

Another nice but chilly smoggy day. Home to 20 million people, Shanghai is a vast sprawling mess of unimaginatively designed medium to high rise government and private housing projects. Fortunately the centre of the mega city is home to a plethora of colonial buildings, ambitious skyscrapers, slick modern public buildings, parks and squares.

People's Square

Government Housing

The open topped bus allowed us to see most of these; later returning to places like People’s Square, World Financial Centre, French Concession, Pudong and Jade Buddha Temple. In the evening we went to see a Chinese Acrobatics show. A couple of acts were very impressive, but on the whole not enough somersaults and back-flips for our liking.

East Nanjing Road

We had the bizarre pleasure of taking a ride through the very surreal Bund sightseeing tunnel. A short light rail ride under the Huangpu River to a wild sound and light show that left you thinking a show like that is wasted on anyone sober.

On our final day in Shanghai we attempted to visit the Shanghai Museum, however the queues were enormous. We weren’t going to spend our last day in Shanghai stuck in a queue so took a quick look at a political demonstration going on around the corner (half expecting to be moved on by the police), walked through town and hit the shops.





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