Day 223 – (14th Apr) Bandung

6 05 2011

The lonely planet guide book has become something of a crutch which we have been reaching for a little too often. It has possibly become a ball and chain restricting us from visiting equally nice alternative sights. Today was one of those days we discarded the lonely planet and went for something a little more off-the-beaten track. Previous such escapades have yielded mixed results, however today was a raving success.

We are in Indonesia during the rice harvest and today we got a lesson in growing, harvesting and processing rice. Jen even got her hands dirty and did a bit of manual labour – separating the rice grains from the plant. This was simply beating or thrashing the rice plant against a big rock. We continued the educational theme learning how tofu is made in the back of a family run tofu shop/ mini factory. Didn’t have the heart to let them know I hate the stuff. A couple of doors down there was some bamboo weaving going on so we popped in there too.

We then headed up the gentle slopes of an unknown volcano and made the short trek to a crazy village full of nutters who have decided to make the caldera or volcano crater their home. They believe the site to be spiritual and the hot volcanic mineral rich waters healing and good for the skin. The crazy semi naked woman that was wandering about a mini landslide that almost blocked our exit confirmed my view this was a stupid place to live. However it was a brilliant place to visit for half the day. Without another tourist in sight Jen and I went for a dip in the hot springs and spread the healing volcanic mud over each others faces. The landscape was very eerie with hot steam venting out of numerous holes in the ground with the sound of bubbling mud and the smell of sulphur coming from every direction.

Our route back to Yogyakarta took us through what we were told was the biggest tea plantation in Asia to complete a thoroughly enjoyable day.




2 responses

6 05 2011

The hot pool seems to have aged you Jez !!

8 05 2011

Yeah, I think I must have sat in the wrong hot pool!

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