Day 222 – (13th Apr) Yogyakarta to Bandung

6 05 2011

You haven’t seen green until you’ve seen Indonesian green….

We boarded the train at 9.30 and 10 minutes into the journey we were asked if we would like ‘the steak’ for breakfast. Oh yes, I was going to enjoy this train journey.

Rural Indonesia is lovely. Once out of the city our train sliced through the sleepy Indonesian countryside. I don’t know if it’s the dark rich fertile volcanic soils, the annoyingly plentiful rain or type of vegetation, but the greens here are something else. The rich, vibrant and vivid colours jump out at you against the background of occasional blue sky.

With 20% of Indonesia’s land surface taken up with the laborious un-mechanised pursuit of rice growing, it’s hard to find a hill. Any un-forested hillside or gentle gradient is carefully crafted into a series of flat terraces and skilfully irrigated. It’s quite clear it is rural Indonesia that yields the greatest reward. Urban areas are an overwhelming mess of street sellers, motorbikes, cars and lorries, fighting for space on narrow streets. Sat on the train rattling past the odd village, countless paddy fields, jungle, and the occasional distant misty volcano, everything felt good.




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