Day 215 to 216 – (6th Apr – 7th Apr) Lombok to Bali to Java

16 04 2011

If you look at the journey on the map it really isn’t very far. In the crazy world of Indonesia it’s a 2 day hair raising affair. The first leg from Gurung Rinjani to the ferry terminal was fine. The ferry ride at 5 hours was a little slow but comfortable. However, back on Bali with our nutter of a minibus driver it was not enjoyable. For a driver in Indonesia overtaking on congested motor cycle littered roads is an art form – for a passenger it’s scary as hell.

The next day; Denpasar to the Western tip of Bali was a real developing world experience. With women of all people breaking rocks by the side of the road into varying sizes of aggregate – a terribly laborious and physical job in this heat, and more importantly one that can be done by machine. The problem with that is how will those women earn a living if they are replaced by a stone crusher?

Our boat ride from Bali to Java, Indonesia’s main and most populated island was thankfully short as every boat in sight on the crossing looked knackered and on the brink of sinking. Back on dry land, we made the 200km journey to Gunung Bromo very very slowly over about ten painful hours. The miserable local bus we were regrettably on, had no end of interruptions by food sellers and entertainers all trying to earn a living. Throughout the journey our bus driver insisted on recklessly overtaking on blind bends, running oncoming motorcyclists off the road and generally being a knob end. To top things off, we also had to endure ten painful hours of horrible Indonesian karaoke played on the overhead TV.




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