Day 202 to 206 – (24th – 28th Mar) Margaret River

14 04 2011

Our last trip in Australia was taken with Gavin, South to Margaret River. We had hired a lovely cabin in the forest around Yallingup, predominantly a wine region, however offering numerous stunning beaches and epic surf. The waves were the biggest I’ve seen, and wasn’t stupid enough to go anywhere near them.

Obviously we went wine tasting – it would be considered a sin to spend any time in the area and not sample the wines, predominantly white. When not on one of the many beaches we played some tennis or cooled off in the pool.

We spent a day visiting Pemberton, home to the 60m tall Gloucester tree, followed by the Walpole Tree top walk. It has to be said, it was probably one of the more dangerous tourist attractions we had visited in our time away. Essentially just a serious of long pegs screwed into the tree – no harnesses, no safety net, no supervision. Jen sensibly refused to go to the top – or was too scared to, while Gavin and I gave it a go.

Going up was fine; it was just coming down that presented a problem. Looking down at all those pegs spiralling their way around the tree and the ant sized people staring up made you think – what the hell am I doing up here….All in all, a nice trip in which to end our time in Australia.




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