Day 183 & 184 – (5th & 6th Mar) Road Trip North of Cairns

23 03 2011

We set off early doors to make the most of the weekend. Our first stop was Kuranda – it has to be said the winding inland mountain road to the village was more interesting than the market town itself. We were heading 100km up the coast to Cape Tribulation, but first making a stop at a crocodile farm and crossing the Daintree River by cable ferry. Despite the slightly overcast weather Cape Tribulation was lovely and we managed to find a nice villa by the beach from where to watch the evening rain come down.

The following day we went on a Crocodile spotting tour from Daintree Village and got to see two, ten foot crocs! Oh, we were in luck Orlando Bloom was on his day off from being a movie star and was running our tour. From Daintree we headed inland to the Tablelands and Atherton, a high (high for Australia) plateau of rich arable farming land quite different from the surrounding lower lying rainforests. Despite being at greater relief the Tablelands we were still susceptible to some impressive flooding – fortunately we were able to drive through 150m of a lesser flood. We both really liked the Tablelands, but Atherton… not so much.




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