Day 180 to 182 – (2nd – 4th Mar) Cairns

23 03 2011

Cairns is Australia’s fourteenth largest city and by all accounts should be underwater judging by the amount of rain they have been having. The humidity is off the scale, making any form of exercise a sticky affair. Reprisal from the humidity only comes with the frequent tropical downpours. One such downpour had us driving through the worst road conditions I have ever experienced; we drove through inches of standing water and rivers of water flowed out of storm drains and across the road. The cloud level was so low we found ourselves driving through an electrical storm, narrowly missing a lightning bolt by no more than 500m! That said the weather hasn’t really prevented us from seeing everything we want to see.

Our first couple of days in town were spent taking the green goddess to the mechanics and putting up ‘for sale’ posters around town. Due to all the poor weather Northern Queensland has been having backpackers have been keeping away. This does not bode well for anyone trying to sell a ‘backpacker’ car. The situation reminded me all too much of work – trying to sell something no one wants in a very depressed market. We advertised the car cheap and sold it fast before the green goddess joined the many abandoned backpacker cars on the streets of Cairns.

One of the hundreds Fruit Bats that came out in the evening

We got a good feel for Cairns and had mixed views. The city gets a bad rap despite having really nice areas and streets. The seafront lagoon on the Esplanade is a lovely free city pool from where you can cool off from the sticky work of city sightseeing. We made the trip up to the Botanical Gardens in the blazing tropical sun and rather wished we didn’t. Most of the gardens had been cyclone ravaged and yet to be cleared up.




2 responses

26 03 2011

Dying to know, how much did you finally get for the Green Goddess? I’m pretty sure I could have built a more reliable car with a few stones and some plant leaves.

1 04 2011

$1,600 which really wasn’t a great price…
Other than the boot the green goddess was without a fault… kind of…

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