Day 169 to 171 – (19th – 22nd Feb) Gold Coast

13 03 2011

Jen and I picked Sarah, Winston and little Lachlan up from Brisbane airport and heading south to the world famous Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is a 70km stretch of high-rise studded coastline and has a definite Las Vegas flashy/ tacky feel to it. That said it irrefutable to deny the first class quality of its beaches and the 290 days of magnificent sunshine.

We embraced the Gold Coast experience fully spending the first day on the stunning beach, by the pool or shopping. Our second day was spent at Sea World, and third day split between Movie World (roller coasters) and Wet and Wild (water park). Unfortunately by midday the scorching weather we had been having was definitely starting to look like a massive storm. Due to water, metal, people and lightning not mixing well, the water park was closed. This was a crushing blow for Winston and I, as at the time we were in the queue for our first water slide…we were yet to get wet!

Our final half day on the Gold Coast was spent back in Wet and Wild and it was brilliant! We then made our way north passed Brisbane, through surfers paradise, Noosa Heads and on to Rainbow Beach for the night.




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