Day 168 – (18th Feb) Brisbane

13 03 2011

We spent the day with Ben and Alex and together we all went on a day trip, visiting Byron Bay, Lismore, Ballina and even a nudi lake (but didn’t join in). It was a gorgeous wooded black lake. The waters were stained a dark tea colour by the leaves of the surrounding tea trees.

Probably Australia’s worst contribution to motoring – Drive thru booze. Yes, this is exactly as brainless as it sounds. Customers drive up and can procure alcohol from the comfort of their car. For a country battling a self confessed drink driving problem, this ‘Drive thru Booze’ idea is a monumentally stupid idea.

I have for a while now jokingly banded about my ‘Drink Drive 1/2 hour rule’ – should I somehow ever get into power. This is where say between the hours of 3 and 3:30am it is quite alright to get in your car after the pub or club and drive yourself home. There will of course be no drunken pedestrians at risk from being hit by drunken drivers as they’ll all be driving home themselves. Most importantly it removes all those drink drivers that would have been on the road over the course of the evening and concentrates them in to one narrow half hour window. Which now thinking about it is a bit of a double edged sword. Anyway, this is the type of stuff that passes for road laws over here.




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