Day 160 to 167 – (10th – 17th Feb) Fiji

12 03 2011

A holiday from a holiday…

Fiji is simply amazing… from the quality of the beaches and water to the genuine friendliness and openness of the Fijians. We had a brilliant time on Nacula island. The very small beach resort we were staying at had to be one of the most pleasant relaxing places we have stayed all trip.

The beach was pristine with turquoise water and a coral reef just a few metres out. We were here to relax and recharge the batteries – travelling is hard work you know!?! However, we couldn’t help but sign up for a few of the activities on offer. We went snorkelling, did an island walk, a cave trip, played beach volleyball, crab racing and even went to church.

For almost all of the four years Jen and I have been together I have pretty much constantly been criticised for being unromantic. So with Valentines Day passing while we were on the island I decided to make amends by organising a romantic candle lit champagne and lobster dinner on the beach. All went well – god knows how I’m going to beat that next year…

Nacula Island is not the type of place you ever want to leave and many people extended their time there by a night or two. However, when your time came it was tough to accept. Saying good bye to departing guests and watching them board the boat back to the main island was like watching the last actions of a condemned man. When it was time for us to say our good byes we were strong – besides in a few days we would get to see Lachlan again!




2 responses

24 03 2011

Well done for Valentines Day! Sounds really lovely… Janeen x

1 04 2011

It’s very easy when you are on an island where lobster is pound for pound cheaper than tomato’s..!

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