Day 155 to 159 – (4th – 9th Feb) Brisbane

12 03 2011

A number of good friends from London had been unwittingly snared by Aussie girls and taken home to Australia. Tamar was one; Jeremy and Ben are another two that live in Brisbane.

We were spending the weekend with Jeremy, Kitty and the very handsome two year old Harry. Having promised to pay Jeremy a visit for years it was nice to be over and catching up at last.

We took a short catamaran ride out to Moreton Island for a day trip. Moreton Island is a huge sand island 20 or so kilometres off the Brisbane coast, I believe it is the 3rd largest in the world – measuring some 35km long. We snorkelled a series of six ship wrecks. We presume they were all purposely sunk here; otherwise it’s a bit of a sailing accident black spot.

I would have to consider the fact that neither Jen nor I had fallen ill the whole time we have been away as very fortunate. Unfortunately I got the squits; and after a short trip up Mount Coot-Tha the following day, and a driving tour of Brisbane’s flooded districts I was out of action for the rest of the day plus some of the following day. This left Jen free to enjoy herself in Kitties Mum’s pool with Harry, Jeremy and Kitty.

The second of those friends that has been snared by an Aussie girl is Ben. Ben & Alex live in a stunning, self built house in the Gap, Brisbane – far better than any backpackers we could have stayed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling my best and still had a bit of a leaky bum.

Fortunately it was only a 24hr thing and Jen and I met up with Zeid for a sight seeing day around town. As well as the usual sights and attractions we also couldn’t help but notice the various stages of the flood clean up operation. To be fair, Brisbane was in good shape for a city that only a week ago was under water.




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