Day 148 to 150 – (29th – 31st Jan) – Bondi Beach, Sydney

3 03 2011

The Tamar propaganda machine had pumped up Bondi beach to bursting point. As we rolled into Bondi and caught a view of the city beach and beach front bars all was good. However, the Bondi balloon was violently popped and sent whizzing around the room when we checked into what had to be the worst accommodation of the trip (remember we have camped in arctic Patagonian conditions).

I don’t want to bore you with a critique of the place, other than to say the prison cell at Melbourne jail looked nicer. It did however include a free breakfast, but before receiving the breakfast a $5 deposit was required for a mug, bowl and spoon. When eating the bowl of cornflakes Jen asked ‘Is this yoghurt in here?’ to which I replied ‘no it’s milk’ – curdled milk!!

The beach was incredible… Word of warning – if you do choose to come spend 6 months in the gym beforehand. Everyone is either built, beautiful or both. Another word of warning – the sun here is mentally strong. After spending months in the sun with a t-shirt on I have developed a freakish farmer’s tan, so came up with a cunning plan to fix this. The plan was to only put sun tan lotion on my well tanned regions, therefore leaving the other less well tanned areas to even out nicely… I burnt my chest, back and shoulders!

As well as tanning/ burning ourselves amongst the beautiful people of Sydney we also found time to have a look around town. I think we managed to tick most of your typical Sydney tourist sites; the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, China Town, harbour cruse, downtown Sydney from the monorail and other sites in-between. We even made it to Manly beach.




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