Day 137 to 139 – (18th – 20th Jan) – Cambridge

28 02 2011

Our last few days in New Zealand 😦

Our brief time with Gavin and Kate came to an end, we flew up to Auckland. We were off to Cambridge, an hour and a half from Auckland, to see Sarah and Winston at Winston’s parents.

We managed to squeeze in a couple more of those fun activities that makes New Zealand the fun place it is, the first of which was Black Water Rafting. It combines caving and tubing – floating down underground streams on a large rubber ring, jumping off small underground waterfalls and scrambling through a 65 metre deep cave system. For someone who isn’t particularly claustrophobic the first 10 minutes were a little unnerving.

Once over that and Winston’s countless attempts to scare or capsize you, it was great fun. With everyone’s head lights off it was then possible to see the thousands of glow worms that live on the ceiling of the cave system. It was beautiful, well until we were informed by our guide that the green light (or bioluminescence) was in fact a unique chemical reaction going on in the worm’s poo. Gross… I think I swallowed some of that water…




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