Day 137 – (17th Jan) – Christchurch

28 02 2011

We had a great Japanese picnic lunch at Lake Tekapo Observatory which is perched at the top of Mount John, There were panoramic views of the glacial lake, the Mount Cook range and the surrounding countryside. The lake itself wasn’t anything to write home about – just another alluvial, sediment rich, milky glacial lake. The observatory telescopes gave us a unique view of Mount Cook and the sun.

Then it was off to Christchurch to meet Gavin and Kate! Rocked by a magnitude 7 earthquake only months, ago Christchurch was looking in good shape. With only a few buildings showing external signs of damage and a handful pulled down due to being structurally unsound.

Gavin I’m too old to be sneaking into hotels… Gavin had shrewdly taken advantage of the hotel putting two double beds in each room and just booked for two people in the one room. Therefore, saving us a pretty penny. However, this left us the problem of getting Gavin, Kate, Jennie and I into the hotel. The plan was for Gavin and me to check-in with ALL the bags as quickly and smoothly as possible. Then the girls would come up a little later. What actually happened was the hotel couldn’t find our reservation. It took several hotel staff plus the hotel manager and about 15 minutes to work out that our reservation was for yesterday.

The wheels had come off our plan for a swift check-in and now pretty much all the hotel staff knew who we were. Fortunately they had another room which they were willing to let us have at the discounted internet rate. This made me feel a little guilty about then sneaking an extra two people into the room, which worked! Gavin you genius – I’m going to have to do this again. However, net net the hotel got its money. I guess that’s what you call instant karma.




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