Day One Hundred & Twenty Eight & Nine (9th & 10th Jan) – Abel Tasman Trek

19 02 2011

Abel Tasman National Park is a lovely coastal national park located at the north end of the South Island. While being the smallest of New Zealand’s national parks it can boast being one of the countries favourite, consisting of golden beaches and forested hilly country to the north. It is bounded to the north by the waters of Golden Bay and Tasman Bay. A very unique trekking destination.

Day 1 – After loading everything we would need for our two day kayak/ trek (sleeping bag, tent, clothes, etc) and lugging everything down to the beach for the start of the trip we suddenly realised we forgot to include a rucksack with which to carry everything. So muggings had to run back to the car to pick it up.

The weather was perfect – the sea was possibly a little choppy for a couple of novice sea kayak’s carrying everything they would need for the next couple of days. Fortunately the kayaking went smoothly with several stops made on any number of secluded beaches for a picnic, quick walk or to rest. Towards the end of the day and after many kilometres of kayaking north up the coast we left the kayaks on the beach and made camp.

Unfortunately I had vastly under estimated the camp site facilities and had hoped to find somewhere selling hot food or at least a shop. No such luck. Dinner was dry muesli eaten out of the bag with a cellophane wrapped cheese slice for a spoon.

Day 2 – An early and tough start wading across a small river estuary and trekking down the beach in flip flops. We were experiencing a very different type of trekking. Not halfway up a mountain or across a desert or around lakes, but along a series of gorgeous beaches and forest tracks. It was a very enjoyable couple of day and great start to the south island.




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