Day One Hundred & Fourteen (26th Dec) – Waitarere Beach (North Island)

15 01 2011

Right… It has been a very long time since we’ve had a chance to update the blog. I can attribute this to Sarah, Winston, Lachlan and Indy (the dog). Sarah for organising lots of places to go and activities to do. Winston for the numerous fishing trips, mini cricket test series we had in the garden, tennis, golf etc… Lachlan for just being so adorable – who wouldn’t want to play and spend time with him. Indy for having more energy than Winston and I. Oh, and the Ashes…

The five of us made it out to Wellington and up Mount Victoria, for the views of the city.

On the way back we stopped off in Otaki shopping mall and Jennie and Sarah went clothes shopping. I would have and need to go shopping to replace many over worn items of clothing. It’s just that I really really hate shopping and I didn’t want to ruin a nice day by putting myself through something like that. I did unfortunately drag Winston around a half dozen shops before I realised I was wasting both of our times, so we went and got a coffee.




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