Day One Hundred & Thirteen (25th Dec) – Waitarere Beach (North Island)

26 12 2010


Hope you like the Christmas tash!

Christmas day was great – Sarah and Winston had put on a great spread. Lots of the traditional British bits and bobs with a ruddy big BBQ. It felt a little surreal sat out on the decking in the blazing sun wearing a pair of sunnies and one of those Christmas cracker paper hats.

Winston and I found time to pop down to the beach and do a bit of fishing with his ‘long line’, a motorised device that is sent about a mile out to sea towing a long line with 25 baited hooks. I thought this was all slightly unsporting and the fish didn’t stand a chance. Some two hours later, a lot of work and not a fish caught I realised the opposite to be true. We were joined on the beach by the girls and Lachlan, where we sheepishly had to report we had caught no fish!

Christmas being Christmas we spent most of the rest of the day eating and drinking…

The best thing about the whole day was getting to spend it in a lovely family home – which is what Christmas is all about. It’s so nice after four months on the road to open a fridge full of tasty food.





4 responses

1 01 2011

Jez, not sure how you managed it but you look like a hick. Jennie, has he been harming you at all since the tash?

1 01 2011
Jon Pearson

Happy birthday for yesterday Jez! I hope you’re both having a wonderful time. I love the tash – Phil will be very jealous.

Is there any news on the wedding?

Jon x

15 01 2011

How do’s Pearson,

Thanks – we are having a great time – in the south island now. What did you get up to other than skiing when you were over here?

Wedding… who’s getting married..?

The tash nearly cost me the wedding – Jen was not a fan. 2 months work gone…

8 01 2011

hey guys. Pallavi is alive and well and here with me. We just wanted to wish you a happy new year and hope you had a lovely Xmas cosying up to Jez’s tash – well grown!! although we’re sorry about you losing your xmas eve day; our condolences. is that your little nephew, Jen? Cute chubby cheeks.

how is it being in back in an english=speaking country? where will you be for your birthday jen?

Hope you keep enjoying yourselves.

miss you……lots of love.

Max and Pallavi

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