Day One Hundred & Seven (19th Dec) – Santiago

21 12 2010

You must really love someone if you’re going Christmas shopping in -10oC…

So every present opened this year should be treasured that little bit more. Fortunately its 30oC here – and we shan’t labour the point anymore…

After a quiet morning we went on a walking tour of the city visiting sites such as the Plaza de Armas, Mercado Central, the Presidential Palace and Cathedral Metropolitana. A couple of these sites we had visited on our previous time in Santiago, but we didn’t mind as we really like the city. Later in the day Jen went for a swim on the cool 18th floor pool, while I admired the view from up there.

In the evening we went out with half of Santiago to join in the Christmas celebrations at Placa de Armas. Santiago was having it’s Christmas concert. There was a stage, lights, a sound system, TV cameras and hoards of very excited kids, as Santa would be making an appearance. It was actually an impressive selection of Christmas carols, all sung in Spanish by a very popular male middle-aged Chilean singer and what can only be described as Chile’s answer to Westlife. When Santa arrived on the back of a lorry, the Coca Cola lorry we have all seen in their Christmas ads, the kids were beside themselves with excitement.


If there are any kids still reading this… Father Christmas may well exist, but he certainly doesn’t work for the coca cola company; only to be wheeled out once a year to help peddle their soft drinks.




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