Day One Hundred & Two (14th Dec) – Bariloche

20 12 2010

Today we continued our road trip, but before we did we spent the morning walking around Bariloche. Bariloche is a fair sized city strung out along the shoreline of Lago Nahuel Huapi. The surrounding lakes and mountains make it a very popular summer and winter sports destination.


It feels like a bad imitation of a Swiss ski resort. That and it’s massive popularity and subsequent over development have kind of put us off the place. Especially considering there are plenty of nicer surrounding towns.

We travelled south out of Bariloche and around Lago Mascardi  to the glacier that feeds the lake. The Ventisquero Negro (black glacier) is situated at the base of Monte Tronador. If this wasn’t enough, the area also provides stunning views of almost a half dozen extinct snow capped volcanoes and the waterfalls that plunge over their flanks.

After a spot of afternoon tea and a massive wedge of cake we made our way to Cascada Los Alerces, a fairly impressive double waterfall. Then back to Bariloche for sunset.

The black glacier is behind me!




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