Day Ninety One (3rd Dec) – Puerto Natales

5 12 2010

We had a walk around town and from what we saw of the place it kind of looks like a small Alaskan town. Not that either of us have been to Alaska, but I did catch a few episodes of Northern Exposure back in the early 90’s, if anyone remembers that.

We stopped off at a travel agents and had the woman list all the possible tours and trips we could take, rejecting every one as it was suggested. Finally deciding what we really wanted to do was just go back to bed…




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5 12 2010

I remember the 90’s
Could do with a bit nore info about tour options

5 12 2010

The options were to;

Go on a 1 day hike… in the wind and rain – NO
Go walking on a glacier… in the wind and rain – NO
Go horse riding… in the wind and the rain – NO
Go kayaking … in the wind and the rain – NO
Hire mountain bikes… in the wind and the rain – NO

The weather sucks – Its summer here and I want to kill myself, I can’t imagine how bad this place gets in winter with 4 hours of light…

6 12 2010

Hi it’s a shame you’re having such bad weather down there, but you’re right about Puerto Natales, nada en absoluto to do! What boat trip are you taking, the Navimag up to Puerto Montt? If you go up there make sure you climb volcan villarica, very hard work but worth it. And go to one of the thermal springs, Termas Geometricas are lovely, perfect for aching post volcano climb muscles!

I’ve just finished my first week in New York, going well so far, crazy busy at work already but have explored a bit this weekend, been out with some of my work mates for some very strong cocktails and seen a Broadway musical with music by Green Day – talk about blown out of your seats!

Take care and keep blogging, loving your stories,

19 12 2010

Hi Jo. Thanks a lot for your blog comments. How is New York going? How long are you there for? When is Andy getting there? Are you there for Christmas? We took the Navimag to Puerto Montt. It was really nice, but the weather wasn’t too good. We also went to Pucon and went to the Termas Geometricas which were great. We tried to climb the volcano but every day we were there it was cancelled due to bad weather. We are now in Santiago and the weather is great. We also hired a car in San Martin de los Andes and drove to Bariloche where we had a lovely time. We’ve been so busy that we haven’t updated the blog for a while but will do that in the next few days. I hope you have a lovely Christmas. I hope you get home if you are due to come back. Take care. xxx

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