Day Eighty Four (26th Nov) – El Calafate

28 11 2010

Even with it being early summer, we are now so far south it rarely gets above 12oC. With the wind chill it feels a lot colder. This fortunately makes it very easy to see glaciers, and the best place to do that is Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. Here we saw the ginormous Glaciar Perito Moreno, measuring 30km long, 5 km wide and 60 meters high. It should be noted that the ice continues 100 or so metres below the water and advances at a rate of about 2 metres a day.

We took a boat ride to the face of the glacier where we gained a good perspective of the size of the thing. The best bit of the whole day was listening to and watching huge chunks of ice cleave off the glacier face and smash into the water, the more dramatic of which would be met by a roar from the crowd. The sound of huge chunks of ice tearing from the glacier were like thunder. It was basically just ice falling into water, but we could have watched it all day long.

The whole thing is a bit like a massive version of those 2 penny arcade machines. The ones with the moving horizontal shelves/ platforms. You slot your 2 penny piece in the top and hope to dislodge a few 2 penny pieces from the lower levels.




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