Day Seventy Nine (21st Nov) – Puerto Madryn

25 11 2010

After another long and comfortable bus journey (if not slightly marred by the child behind me vomiting), we arrived in Puerto Madryn. It is a fair sized town with a small seaside town feel, revolving mostly around coastal wildlife tourism. This will be our base from which to see penguins, whales, sea lions, elephant seals and other wildlife and sea birds.

In the afternoon we followed the advice of the lady working in our hostel, and hired bikes and went on ‘one of the nicest bike rides’ to see sea lions. She lied…..

Thirty four kilometres of bone rattling, teeth chattering, rocky dusty roads on mountain bikes not even kids in the roughest of council estates would ride.

As for the sea lions, they were so far away you couldn’t see where one began and the other ended. Plus being sea lions and being on land, all they did was lie there in the sun. It was like watching a large congregation of slugs in your back garden from the upstairs bedroom window, it was rubbish.




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