Day Seventy eight (20th Nov) – Puerto Madryn

25 11 2010

With nothing else planned for the day other than catching a bus from Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn we somehow still almost missed the bus. Thanks to some speedy driving by our taxi driver and a very near miss, we made it, just!

Jenny Irish, you’ll be pleased to know we took up the bus conductor’s offer to play a game of bingo! Everyone plays and they take it so seriously.




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26 11 2010

Ahh you must be travelling Andesmar, a game of bingo with every ride… what do you think of the on board cuisine? Take sandwiches is my advice! Sounds like you’re having an amazing time so far, enjoy Patagonia.

2 12 2010

Hi Jo. Hope all is well with you. I hear you guys have had a lot of snow back home. Hope you didn’t get stranded anywhere! Yeah you guessed it..we were travelling on Andesmar buses. Still haven’t been first class yet though! We have just been to Torres Del Paine for 3 nights. We attempted the W but gave up after 2.5 days due to bad weather. We were camping in snow storms…what fun!! We couldn’t even see the peaks of the mountains because the weather was so bad. Did you guys do the W walk? We’re going on the ferry from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt on Tuesday through the fjords which should be good. Take care. xxx

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