Day Eighty Two (24th Nov) – Rio Gallegos

25 11 2010

The further south we go, the weirder things get. For one, all the way down here the day never ends. Midday is like midday anywhere else. The afternoon comes slowly, but the evening takes an age to come and passes over an eternity. It’s as though the sun refuses to fall behind the horizon.

A very long day…..not due to the extra hours of daylight, but because all bar 3 hours of the day have been spent on a bus. We arrived to Rio Gallegos, where we had 3 hours to stretch our legs and have a nose around town before our next bus journey to El Calafate. There wasn’t much to look at… just a shipping and oil refinery town. We finally made to our final destination at 10pm where a good nights sleep was in order.




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26 11 2010

Hello backpackers,

I am sorry I have not been following your blog closely. It was very exciting to get that quick phonecall from you yesterday. It has prompted me to check that everything is going smoothly which thankfully seems to be the case. Rather a hairy riverboat ride if I may say back on your Amazon trip in pitch darkness on the Rio Tapajas. And I would call that a “near miss” on the Pantanal Safari! (Jerime, that is no way to take care of Jennie or of yourself!) Apart from that you appear to be having a really lovely time. Stickers are going up all over the map on the wall tonight to mark your visited spots. When are you going to Chile (again)?! I have a feeling it will be in the next few days? I shall just have to keep checking won’t I?

Kids will be on holiday soon and so will be checking themselves much more. They are having lots of tests at the moment and Anthony had Autumn exams too. Nnenna used your photo from the Colca Canyon in the Andes for her Geography as they are doing Glacier Landforms and your photo showed a “tarn” an “Arete”, etc. Anthony has just studied Tectonic plates this term and learnt about how the Andes was formed from the collision between the Nazca and the South American plates so your detailed info will be very interesting for him (when he gets a chance to read it)!

Nick was doing what he loves best on his birthday – flying to Italy somewhere (24th). Sally has an interview with Kings on 6th December. Moses took a couple of GCSE modules last week. Nnenna auditioned for a production at school “Bugsy Malone” and got a good part. Anthony had 4 gruelling interviews with housemasters at Eton a couple of weeks ago and managed to come out smiling. Chike is off to Nigeria tomorrow. Our pre-Nigeria family Xmas feast is on the weekend of 11th December. Try not to think of us that weekend or you might feel a wee bit homesick. We will no doubt raise our glasses to you! You will be sorely missed.

Oh, and finally, it is supposed to snow in London this weekend, so enjoy all that lovely sunshine… Your photos are great!

Lots of love, Janeen xxx

4 12 2010

Hello hello,

It’s nice to hear everyone is well and the blog has come in useful for homework. I remember learning some of this stuff back in school and it’s interesting to finally see it on such a grand scale. Please let us know how Nnenna does in Bugsy Malone and say congratulations to Ants, that’s fantastic news.

Gutted we are missing pre Christmas lunch at yours  Will skype you guys on the 11th and see how it’s going!

We are in Puerto Natales waiting to get on a boat that navigates the southern Chilean fjords up to Puerto Montt.


Jerime and Jennie.

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