Day Eighty One (23rd Nov) – Punta Tombo & Gaiman

25 11 2010


One penguin, two penguins, three penguins…..half a million penguins.

After snoozing for most of the car journey there, we woke up at the entrance to Reserva Pensinsula Punta Tombo. This is South America’s largest penguin colony, with more than half a million magellanic penguins. I always thought the first time I would see a penguin in the wild would be freezing to death on a block of ice in the middle of nowhere, not in shorts and t-shirt.

The penguins were brilliant. The chicks had just hatched, so mothers were caring for their chicks in the nest, whilst fathers were waddling to sea to catch fish for the chicks or waddling back.

We moved on to a town called Gaiman, famous for having a population with one third Welsh ancestry. The first Welsh house here was constructed in 1874. Sadly, it doesn’t look the slightest bit like a Welsh town. However, the tea houses did a grand job of making me feel like I was back in the valleys. They were fully decked out floor to ceiling Not a single space was left without a Welsh ornament or trinket, more Welsh than a Welsh tea house I fear. The fruit cake was very good, but the tea didn’t quite come up to scratch….we miss good tea!! We also miss sausages and bacon… and sarcasm…




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