Day Seventy Six (18th Nov) – Buenos Aires

20 11 2010

What is it that they say… “A bottle a day keeps the doctor away…”

Red meat and red wine intake has reached unprecedented levels. Also, arguably medically unadvised levels. Today we visited the upmarket end of Buenos Aires; boutique shops, mansion blocks and a cemetery! The cemetery is in an area called Recoleta and is home to dead rich famous portenos (people from Buenos Aires). People like Evita and General Peron… I don’t actually know another dead rich or famous porteno… didn’t get much out of today then… We also made it to the Evita Museum – which Jen enjoyed immensely.

That evening we went to a tango and dinner show – very civilised. We thought the tango was good, but we’re no experts. To the untrained eye tango seems to involve two people kicking each other for the duration of a four to five minute song. Then you clap and the process repeats itself until an ultimate conclusion and you get to go home – I thought the band was better.




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