Day Sixty Five (7th Nov) – Bolivia

14 11 2010

Are we actually going to go to Bolivia….?

You meet many types of people travelling from many parts of the world. However now and again we meet a certain type of traveller that tends to rub us the wrong way. This type of traveller tends to be 30-40, well overdue a haircut and wash, wears clothing you might find on a homeless person, and tends to carry a cloth or canvas bag. Basically, someone who has been travelling far too long, and has given up any standard form of living.

It’s when talking to this type of person and relaying some funny story or anecdote from the previous weeks travel that I will get a very condescending tut or patronising comment about being a naïve traveller. Anyway, it was one of these condescending travellers who told us how the Bolivian salt flats, lagoons and volcanoes were the best thing he has seen and done, ever. With a recommendation like that who wouldn’t go?

The real question was, were we really going to leave lovely Mendoza behind where we were very comfortable and enjoying, to travel 26 hours to Bolivia. To be honest, if Jen is going to stand any chance of fitting into that wedding dress we have to get out of here…..

So, this is what we did, and started our long journey to Tupiza, Bolivia.




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