Day Sixty One (3rd Nov) – Mendoza

5 11 2010

Chile is roughly 4,500km north to south, by an average of 170km wide, giving it approximately the same proportions as a one John Farrell of STA. Making both troublesome to navigate. For this reason we decided to head over to Mendoza, Argentina, a short hop over the Andes. Sorry Janeen you are going to have to hold off on drinking that bottle of wine for a bit.

Coming from our green and pleasant land, that would be the rain sodden British Isles most of you preside in, it is hard to comprehend just how dry it is up in the Andes. Moisture laden air just doesn’t make it up here. Therefore creating beautiful blue skies with faint whisps of cloud.

Our route from Santiago to Mendoza took us over and through the Andes on a scenic mountain road passing a small and very out of season ski resort. As we passed under the highest peaks of the mountain range in a five or so mile tunnel, we crossed the border into Argentina. In doing so we noticed the landscape change from an arid gray in Chile to an arid red in Argentina. Subsequently the mountain streams changed from crystal clear water to a deep reddy brown.

We eventually made it to Mendoza, passing many vineyards on the way. That evening our very nice hostel had a great Argentinean BBQ that went on into the early morning!




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