Day Sixty (2nd Nov) – Santiago

3 11 2010

I think we might have found the worst time to fly…

We left Lima at 10:30pm, flew for three and a half hours, arrived in Santiago at 4am (local time) and finally made it to the hostel just after 5am. Where I ask you in all that are you meant to get your eight hours sleep!

Despite getting far too little sleep we were determined to see Santiago. I don’t think we can get a true feel for the city with this little sleep. That said it seems nice, clean and safe.

We got chatting with a German woman at the top of Cerro San Cristobal, she looked in her sixties. We were exchanging travelling stories as we had both travelled from Cuzco to Santiago, but she had done so by land and at high altitude in an organised tour group. They passed through Puno, La Paz and the Atacama desert. Her tour group had been decimated by altitude sickness. Four had to be flown home and one died, which was nice…




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