Day Fifty Three (26th Oct) – Cuzco

1 11 2010

Cuzco has all the feel of a European ski resort; having clear fine alpine air, strong sun, steep mountain valley slopes and quaint small cobbled streets with shops selling a multitude of outdoor clothing and equipment. Our hotel continued the alpine theme with a nice homely feel and a wood burning fire.

While Jen worked on her book I took the opportunity to take a short but very steep trip up to Saqsaywaman. This is an immense religious and military Inca ruin, lying just north of Cuzco. It was the site of a bloody battle against the Spanish in 1536 (towards the end of the Inca era). The most remarkable part of the site is the zig zag fortifications with some stones in the wall weighing up to three hundred tons. In many ways it´s a lot like Oswestry Hill Fort; just bigger, more popular and arguably has more cultural significance. The views over Cuzco again drew parallels with those to be found from Oswestry Hill Fort over the splendid rural market town of Oswestry.




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