Day Fifty One (24th Oct) – Puno

27 10 2010

A sunny day out on the lake… however, the water temperature was about four degrees.

We visited two islands on Lake Titicaca, the first of which was a floating island ‘Islas Flotantes’ – original.  About five kilometres out of Puno harbour this island was built using buoyant totora reeds. These same reeds are used to make their houses, boats and to eat. Islas Flotantes is occupied by the Uros people who began their unusual floating existence centuries ago in an effort to isolate themselves from the aggressive Collas and Incas.

It was all very interesting listening to the island chief explain (through a translator) how they built the island, cook on what is essentially dry straw, and generally live a simple day to day life. Then the well crafted presentation was ruined when the chief’s mobile phone went off! We were also not too worried about poverty on this island as most of the inhabitants were pretty curvy.

We then moved on to Isla Taquile, where we basically ate lunch, had a nose around, took some photos and then left. Standard touristy stuff really – a bit dull.

Sampling the reeds

Isla Taquile




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