Day Forty Six (19th Oct) – Huacachina

24 10 2010

After waking up headache free and discovering breakfast at the hostel consisted of bread and instant coffee – remember we missed dinner last night – we thought it wise to head out for a slap up breakfast. We lucked upon this very nice breakfast place on the lagoon. It was a sunny crisp morning, something like spring in the UK. The whole experience drew parallels with Saturday or Sunday morning breakfasts on Upper Street and Stroud Green. So much so, I half expected to see a traffic warden giving someone a parking ticket out of the corner of my eye.

After much relaxing by the pool, we braved a 4×4 buggy tour of the dunes and some sand boarding. The 4×4 ride was a white knuckle ride with the local psychopath up and over some very large and steep sand dunes. While I tried not to think too hard of what would happen if our driver got a couple of his manoeuvres wrong, Jen chose to shut her eyes.

Sand boarding was great fun, but not without its dangers. Jen got a ‘nasty’ graze from the sand. After our best efforts to remove sand from every crevice of our bodies we took an overnight bus from Ica to Arequipa.




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