Day Forty Two (15th Oct) – Sao Paulo

20 10 2010

To be brutally honest it’s one ugly city…

Don’t get me wrong the city does have its nice buildings, but for a city of twelve million, they are severely under represented. Any historical building or monument that hasn’t been pulled down to make way for a truly hideous modern (60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s) office block is towered over by said buildings. The planning department should be taken out and shot, however I fear the town planning department is a lame blind flatulent dog in a backroom.

As well as being an ugly city, Sao Paulo is a fantastically wealthy city, the richest in South America, but not for everyone. For this reason crime is high and car-jackings are fairly frequent, therefore the rich take to the skies in the form of helicopters. Sao Paulo has the most helicopters of any city in the world, ten times that of New York.

Our hotel was in a nicer part of town, just outside the business district. It was when I popped out to pick up some food from a nearby cool, shoreditch’esqe bar/ restaurant and saw all the Paulistanas (locals) eating, drinking and generally meeting up after work. In this bar, in this sprawling mess of a city, I felt a little home sick.




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